Cointreau for has an awareness problem in the US. 1% of the population know what it is, or how to drink it. For a drink that has existed in France since 1863, and is the base ingrdient for the worlds most famous cocktails, this is a problem.

We were engaged to identify a target audience for the brand in the US, as well as an influencer strategy that bought to life Cointreau (Global) 'Core Militant' strategy. Creating advocates for the product in major metropolitan cities.

Our research noted an ongoing shift in behavior from drinking dark heavy drinks, in speakeasies with strict rules to lighter, more relaxed cocktail culture. This behavioral shift matched perfectly with the core selling point of Cointreau - it's a refreshing, light summer drink. We created a brand world, that would allow partners to create activations and events throughout the summer that bought to life the world of Cointreau.

Our influencer identified the core behaviors that ran as a red thread through our influencer strategy. Identifying a new creative class, and aligning Cointreau's brand personality and identity to their interests and likes.

The Brand and Influencer strategy will be expanded and implemented globally in 2015, we will be working to adapt the strategy to specific markets around the world.