Jumeirah is famous for the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai, but how do you establish the Jumeirah brand as more than just one hotel? And cement it’s Luxury Brand credentials?

Using the Brands unparalleled hospitality and service as a cue, we took it to it’s most extreme wish fulfillment (or ‘+1’). The sort of service that only Jumeirah could deliver. Each ad bought to life a fantastical request, re-enforcing our strategic positioning of ‘Stay Different’.

Working with fashion photographer Kristian Schuller, in Dubai, New York and London we created a standout, distinctly ‘of it’s moment campaign. The campaign won gold at the World Luxury Awards and was awarded Best In Show at the Adrian Awards - Awarding global travel marketing worldwide.

Created at Dave
Photographer - Kristian Schuller,
Stylist - Peggy Schuller
Production - One