Target Wedding accounts is the second biggest Wedding registry in the United States. Sitting atop as everyone's 'number 2' registry across the country.

However, the dynamics of weddings, and marriage, are undergoing profound shifts. As a multi-million dollar piece of Target's business, making wedding registries relevant to Millennials emotionally, and technologically, was crucial to Target.

Our strategy uncovered this critical insight: That most millennial couples are marrying older, shifting the focus of a wedding from a cornerstone moment (a critical juncture in life) to a capstone moment (a celebration and point on a larger journey). Weddings were evolving to this behavioral change, driving unconventional gifts and experiences as opposed to fine china and glassware.

The strategic positioning we created is now at the core of the wedding offering, helping identify partners and products that live up to Target's Brand purpose, and the needs of engaged couples across America.