In a marketplace that was (and remains) in a state of constant disrruption, how do you center a Brand to be for the users it serves, rather than the other way around?

BE had the most passionate and engaged digital creators and gamers on it's service. It was less, a commodity, more a way of life. To protect this unique point of view, our brand strategy, and identity, tapped into their passion.

Presciently, we turned the brand over to it's users. Building a brand strategy around 'create the new' positioning BE as facilitator of digital greatness. Our brand promise was to deliver 'evolution through co-creation'. Reflecting the internet's core goals and promise.

The visual identity, including full design and build of the website, became the building blocks of the brand. A framework for users to build and create on. The subsequent comms strategy sought to launch the brand with this co-creation principle at it's heart.

BE went on to win two 'ISP of the year' the strategy and identity won a Marketing Design Award.